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Monday, September 10, 2012

the streets are watching...

i love the streets of jozi and the people i meet along my journey... 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

little ms kelley

Photographed and edited by: Toni-Jordan Hellenberg
Model: Kelley van Niekerk

Body Art

i really enjoyed this studio-shoot, this 54 year-old man spent around 1050 hours getting tattooed, the work has been inspired by Philippine Tribal Art.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Zaki Ibrahims' Album Launch

these images were taken at Zaki Ibrahims' Album Launch in Johannesburg. i really enjoyed listening to her sing... thanks Zaki

you HAVE to get this CD. i'd recommend it to anyone. from what i've heard already, live this is definitely one to add to your collection. keep on keeping on ZAKI!

in studio with CHOC

Did my FISRT ever studio shoot with a friend of mine CHOC, he was an awesome model, i'm excited about venturing out into studio photography.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012



An eclectically collaboration of two young guys, Spazashop Boys, Jonny Joburg and Sir Charlie Macc was formed. Already getting votes in other countries as a No.1 Hit, these two have already started out their career in music raising the bar to higher heights. Their character regime on stage is electrifying and audiences are immediately drawn in. Their style persona is anything but predictable and their music is a mix up and consists of different genres such as Rock, Pop, Dub-Step and Electro, with HIP-HOP forming the common denominator. Spazashop is doing big tingz!


Toni-J: How did SPAZASHOP BOYS form?
Charlie Macc: It started at my granny’s house.

Toni-J: Seriously?
Charlie Macc: Yeah Jonny ran away from home.
Jonny Joburg: Ok, you don’t have to write that, LOL.
Charlie Macc: No but for real it started out at my grandma’s house, in my room, this dude ran away from home, he was all angry and shit and then we just decided to listen to some tracks and we just started freestyling.

Toni-J: Interesting, so where did you guys get the names Jonny Joburg and Charlie Macc?
Jonny Joburg: Well Jonny Joburg is really just a story about those that don’t come from Joburg but they come here in search of a better life. They use to call them back in the day  ‘Jonny come to Jozi’. So that’s here I got that from and Joburg is where I learned how to become Jonny Joburg. This is where it all started and it definitely won’t end here. SPAZASHOP on every corner.
Charlie Macc: Yeah beyond your border!

Toni-J: What about Charlie Macc?
Charlie Macc: It’s SIR Charlie Macc. It’s kinda got a ring to it like ‘ a pimp named slick back’ innit?
Toni-J: LOL, but why Charlie?
Charlie Macc: Look up the name Chime! That’s my Jewish name. So look up the English meaning of that.
Jonny Joburg: But he was given the name by me actually, I first called him Charles Manyoba, but that was like too wrong, and then I was like ok Charlie Macc. Then he later added the SIR bit.

Toni-J: So for the readers that haven’t heard your music, what is your signature style? Or Genre?
Jonny Joburg: The thing is, in the past we’ve tried to keep things simple and just classify our music under Hip-Hop, which we do, because we rap, but at the same time, we consider ourselves ROCK stars too as opposed to being rappers only. Because if you look at the way we present our art, it’s that of a rock star. It’s about us, our self-experiences and the way we interpret life. And the Sound? It’s AMAZING!
Charlie Macc: You can’t group our sound into one category. It’s a collaboration of different elements of music. The undertone is definitely Hip-Hop,  with a fusion of Dub-Step, Rock ‘n Roll and electro. Just pieces of what we took from growing up.
Jonny Joburg: Yeah, we’re the new version of 2012 thundercats, we grew up watching cartoon network and stuff, so this is a reflection of that in some ways.

Toni-J: So what exactly is your mission, what are you trying to accomplish?
Jonny Joburg: Spazashop will literally be on every corner and obviously we will be where we need to be. But where we are already , we’re  in a position to take over the whole continent and then put it under one flag. We’re staying consistent but we’ll stay switching it up!

Toni-J: Sounds good, speaking of which you guys recently had a ‘no.1’ hit on a show outside of South Africa, what was that like for you guys?
Jonny Joburg: Yeah it’s a FRESH track!! On YARONA FM.
Charlie Macc: Yeah, on the No.1 Radio station in Botswana.
Jonny Joburg: It was so CRAZY and random,  that we got voted a No.1 Hit in a place outside of our home country, South Africa.  Just to think that all those people voted for us.
Charlie Macc: It was really cool, they even called us and told us then we just did           an interview.
Jonny Joburg: It was really special to us because it was our first track EVER RECORDED!! SHOUT OUT TO BOTSWANA, WE LOVE YOU!

Toni-J: Dope, our mag’s actually distributed in Botswana too!  Speaking of other countries, where would you guys like to perform?
Charlie Macc: All over the world,  Like Japan, China, South Korea maybe,  L.A,
Jonny Joburg: Nigeria, ATL, SPAZASHOP on EVERY CORNER!

Toni-J: How did the name SPAZASHOP come about anyway?
Charlie Macc: We were like a group of people and then you know how nicknames start?
Jonny Joburg: Yeah so it was like a nickname given to us, there’s no relation, but    we dig it!
Charlie Macc: It was like an indirect diss, you know, cause nicknames are indirect disses, LOL.

Toni-J: Is there anything you guys are currently working on that we should look out for?
Charlie Macc: We just did a track with  Camagwini, a Xhosa vocalists,

Toni-J: DOPE!! So when do we get to hear that?
Jonny Joburg: On the album, it’s coming out in June/July. Called Popular Science.

Toni-J: Any advice you could give to people trying to get into the same industry!
Jonny Joburg: Do you! Be you! Follow your heart, stay true to yourself.



This AWESOME and diversely put-together band is on their way to making headlines. Not only do they combine different genres of music, but they also add live aspects to their live performances. Spending a day with Kold Produk was really awesome and the experience of being in the presence of such humble people was refreshing! BIG UPS KOLD PRODUK!







How did you guys get together?

Moki Sage: We started recording in 2007, we called ourselves the underdogs of Kold Produk, pretty much because we were coming in from professions outside of music. At that time we were already qualified in different fields, I’m an architect. We were performing for a short while after we released ‘HUSH’ in our first Album. T-Spark’s been there from the beginning. Then afterwards we met up with DJ Swoosh,  we then performed together with him.

DJ_SOOSH: I had hit a point in 2006 where I was done working with Emcees and I was kind of really wanted to pursue my thing solo, then soon after I was at the DSTV offices and saw the ‘HUSH’ video and I was like whoa, BRILLIANT BRANDING! I wasn’t even like listening to the music, I was just like mesmerized. And then  I got a call from my buddy Spencer and he was like “Kold Produk needs a DJ”  and then I was like OK fine, I’ll meet with them.

Chad: Well I started in the band about a year and a half ago and  through a mutual friend I met Kold Produk. The project was already established by then, so moving forward, what we’ve done right now is we’ve taken songs and created more live aspects to them. Incorporating other instruments, me doubling up on parts that were already in the original tracks or over-dubbing on parts that needed over-dubbing. Lastly incorporating into the songs more of what I do, which is playing guitar.

T-Spark: I came into the group because Kold Produk had a son and they needed a female vocalist. We also had a mutual friend who was at the time producing a couple of tracks for them. Been with them ever since then. My sound is soulful, I consider myself a R’n B singer. I am trying to get the ‘rowdy’ thing going but my roots are in R’n B.

When Kold Produk started out how did you know what type of sound you wanted to create?

Moki Sage: In the beginning we were open to a variety of different genres. Like Hip-Hop is my first love so with every song I feature on I’m going to bring forward elements of Hip-Hop and we wanted something that reflected the different tastes that we all have. However our sound is predominantly Hip-Hop with electro, R’n B, Reggae and Rock. We try to incorporate beatboxing and live instrumentals. And then you also get a feel of alternative Rock. It all depends on the song we’re trying to make and the type of energy we’re trying to evoke.

In terms of your beats, do you guys sample or make them from scratch?

Chad: It’s a bit of everything, it might be a little recording from a cell phone, and it might be a beat that DJ Swoosh finds.

Moki Sage: When we run our live performances with a mixture of us playing live instruments and some of the other stuff fits in digitally already. So we take off whatever is being compensated, live. And pre-programmed. So it’s a mix of all those things.

DJ_SOOSH: It’s kind of like a vaulting part of  everything. Kold Produk can’t be put in a box because we basically fuse everything together.

T-Spark: The thing is you need to be at one of our live shows to actually understand what we mean by fusing all these different elements together.

What is your take on Hip-Hop collaborations with other genres?

T-Spark: There’s a huge progression commercially, there’s a lot more people coming out. People are starting to bring out more quality stuff, in terms of visually and sound wise. It is growing in number and to a certain degree, content.

Chad: I come from a completely different background, I come from playing in Rock bands my whole life and with working with Kold Produk now, I’ve started working with other artists. You’ve got people like Tumi and the Volume, where artists are incorporating live elements with a little bit of reggae and other stuff. People generally become more familiar with you as an artist.

Where do you guys see yourselves in the next 5yrs?

T-Spark: Performing all over the world!

Moki Sage: We want to expand on our merchandise, our music and our videos.

Is there any advice you guys would give to the people out there trying to make it?

Chad: I heard Kold Produk on radio years back and I said to my mate, I’m going to play for that band one day. And it happened. It just so happened it took the right person at the right time to introduce us to eachother and I’ve been playing music for 11 years now. My point is you have to persevere.

T-Spark: I agree, this industry is not easy, perfect your craft.

DJ_SOOSH: Over and above you need to have the right attitude and persists. If things don’t work out, you cant just give up. You need to keep pushing.  You do whatever you can  to make things work.

Is there anything we could look forward to from Kold Produk?

Moki Sage: Lets start off We’ve got a music video that we’re currently working on, ‘Full Moon Shining’ and we’ve got another music video coming out ‘All Good, All Gravy’, Kold Produk in the house baby! LOL, but everything else we’ll keep you posted via twitter , facebook and our website. Something big is coming out in June/July, so you guys have to keep a watch out for that.

DJ_SOOSH: It’s a big deal.

Any Artists you guys would like to work with?

T-Spark: David Guetta

DJ_SOOSH: I think it would definitely be Timbaland. I’d love to work with him.
To DJ Premier or Scream, many different people influence me.

Moki Sage: The music that we make is like version 1.0

Chad: Anyone that’s breaking the boundaries.

Twitter: @KoldproduK:

Friday, April 13, 2012


Artistic Intelligence: a Hip-Hop Dance crew from South Africa. 

I really enjoyed the outcome of this shoot.

For more information about this crew click on the link below:


Freeze frame is a DANCE crew consisting of 12 member, based JHB, South Africa. This Hip-Hop based DANCE crew is passionate about dancing and making a STATEMENT!

Shot in Newtown, South Africa.

For more info check out

Monday, October 17, 2011



so the first time i ever heard of str.crd was last year, when Hardy walked me through his whole concept in cape town, my first thoughts were that GEEZ, it's going to be a lot of work, so many ideas, how does one person pull all of that off - unfortunetly i was un able to make the first str.crd in cape town, but i made it to this one in johannesburg ... i didn't get to take as many pics as i would of wanted to - i was so in the moment, honestly i forgot - but i managed to take a couple of shots - and i also just wanted to say BIG UP to HARDY MAC! you out did yourself! RESPECT

these two locals look like they're mexican or some shit hey -

YOH - mylo killed this JACKET - by jeremy scott

the jeremy scott varsity jacket - this jacket was too dope - fresher than fresh -

Mylo was checking out one of the artists pieces - it was dope how they all came together and created something new with these nike sneaks -

the creative juices were flowing...


these were one of the brands - BENCH

STR.CRD a platform where collaborations of different brands come together to showcase the latest street trends -

ay im not ganna lie - i was feeling myself in this hat - i want it!

*for more pics and info on this event check out: